This is the simplified 10-step process we follow for every pool build. Additionally, engineering, permitting, and inspection steps occur throughout and construction is contingent upon city/county approvals. This ensures your pool is built to the highest and most current standard.

1. Design

We help you pick a location, layout, and aesthetic based on your yard’s available space and your personal desires for your backyard oasis. 

2. Excavation

Our crews prep the earth and dig the initial hole that will soon be your swimming pool!

3. Reinforcement

A cage-like steel structure is added to your freshly dug pool shell to reinforce the walls and base both horizontally and vertically.

4. Equipment

Plumbing is laid throughout the shell according to the engineered plans, and electrical is connected from the house to the appropriately needed areas.

5. Concrete and Surface

Otherwise known as shotcrete, concrete is shot through a high-pressure hose to fill in your pool shell and then cures over several days.

6. Features

Waterline tile, coping along the edge of your pool, and other water features such as waterfalls and dockets are installed after the concrete cures. Your pool finish, such as Pebbletec, will then be applied to complete the beautiful surface!

7. Decking

Depending on the type of decking, pavers may be laid or concrete may be poured for this step. Whichever you selected is sure to wow you with a near-complete glimpse of your new at-home resort!

8. Cage

One of the final steps is to install the screen cage to protect your pool from natural debris like leaves.

9. Water

It’s time to fill it up! We’ll run your hose into the shell and turn the water on to make way for jumping in! Our pool maintenance service can help you balance the levels to ensure crystal clear swimming for you and your family.

10. Enjoy!

Splash! Your new pool is ready to be enjoyed! We’ll cover equipment and care instructions at this time to make sure you understand how everything works. 

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